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Guiding you through the Medicare maze

Medicare is the federal health insurance program available to people 65 years of age or older. Medicare is also available to younger people with certain disabilities and people with end-stage renal disease.

As a person eligible for Medicare, you have many health care coverage options – perhaps even more than when you selected benefits through an employer or on your own. The following pages can help you find out more about Medicare options.

Medicare Plan Options
You may be surprised how many Medicare plan options you have available to you. Let us guide you through the choices available to those qualified for Medicare.

What is Original Medicare?
It’s just one of your many Medicare choices. Find out how it works, what you need to do and how we can help.

Medicare Part A and B
You’ll hear people talk about “Part A” and “Part B” when considering Medicare plan options. Learn more about these topics and then compare plans.

History of Medicare
Take a look back at the evolution of the Medicare program over the years. The options available today help you enjoy Medicare benefits.

Medicare Enrollment Dates
You need to know what times of each year the government allows you to sign up for a Medicare plan. Understanding these Medicare enrollment periods is a first step in choosing a plan.  2011 plan year has some critical changes to it, so be sure you understand it now.

Extra help with Medicare
You may be eligible for help with Medicare costs. Get the information you need to apply for assistance from the federal government.

Avoid Medicare Fraud
People who abuse Medicare cost the program a lot each year. Learn more about ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

Medicare Rights
Understand your rights when it comes to Medicare plans.

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