What’s really going on with Reform?

by Steve Wilson on March 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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The idea that the cost of health care premiums are rising solely because of PPACA, well its just not true.

History has a big story to tell:


The cost of health care premiums have been on a steady incline since before 1999, however it has been much greater than the rate of inflation, and everyone is certainly feeling the pinch.  Just since 2002, the average American worker has had to bear much of these costs.


AS shown below, firms with many lower-wage workers are ones where 35% or more of employees earn $24,000 or less. Firms with many higher-wage workers are ones where 35% or more of employees earn $55,000 or more. Wage cutoffs are the inflation adjusted- 25th and 75th percentile of national wages according to the National Compensation Survey: Occupational Earnings in the United States, 2010.


Whether you are a lower-wage or a higher-wage earner, everyone is feeling the impact of increased premiums. What’s even more shocking is to look at the statistic on the increased participation ins CDHP plans or plans with deductibles greater than $2000.00 annually per person. Even back to 2005, less than 4% of employers offered a plan with such responsibility to the insured.



Government reform, regulations, and subsidies are not the solution to the problem.  The only thing that can change the destiny for an individual, a family, or a business today is a total paradigm shift in the way we approach health insurance, and how we receive our care.  If you are not educated in how this paradigm shift works, please reach out to The Wilson Insurance Group.  Our group of human capital consultants can help you design a plan that works with your needs, as well as your budget.  It definitely takes a different approach to change the system, and we are changing it for our clients, one at a time.

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